Sunday, September 21, 2014

NaturOli EXTREME 18X Soap Nuts Liquid Laundry Detergent & Multi-purpose, Non-toxic, Green Household

NaturOli EXTREME 18X Soap Nuts Liquid Laundry Detergent & Multi-purpose, Non-toxic, Green Household Cleaner. SUPER-CONCENTRATE. Green Dot Award Winner. 96 loads per 8oz bottle. Combo Set - Sulfate free! - Gluten free! - 2 PACK! - Made in USA!After trying the 18X Soap Nuts Concentrate well over a dozen loads, I'm just happy as can be.

The dispenser takes up a tiny space which is important in our house and happily, finally, no spills or powder sheddings to wipe up. We wash alot because the heat and humidity where we live will cause clothes to become soiled with perspiration, not necessarily dirt. For a genuinely dirty load of throw rugs or funky towels, I thought 2 squirts would be necessary but then experimented and find that a generous about of time pre-soaking did the job.

I tested this as a cleaner for my plastic bath tub and found it no better than Ivory Snow or Pine Sol (very diluted) but no worse either. Haven't taken it into the kitchen yet.

My goal was to find a product that would prolong the life of my all cotton clothes, so with judicious use of the dryer, this product seems like the answer for us.

I started using 18x to reduce the allergen exposure in our home, but have become a fan of it for the ease of use, cleanliness, as in no laundry powder spills, and lack of allergen exposure for my family. The only drawbacks are having to use stain remover on stains, and my sheets are not as crisp as I'd like. But overall I love the product. I did try it as a window cleaner also and it was amazing.

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Skin absorbs the chemicals on your clothes like it absorbs the sun rays. This product cleans great and continently squirts like any hand soap bottle perfectly.

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I initially got a sample package of soap nut products and I am simply in love with soap nuts for my laundry but I never really looked at the 18x concentration until we installed our dishwasher. Now it's the perfect substitute for the nasty chemicals they normally sell you. Just a tiny, tiny amount, about the width of your pinky nail, will get the job done in the dishwasher!

Keep in mind you can also make you're own concentrated solution from using a food processor or blender to crush the soap nuts to a powder then add to water and boil until you reach a thicker consistency!

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Being extremely chemically sensitive has led me on a very long quest for a laundry detergent that meets my sensitivity needs and one that also does everything needed for clean, soft laundry. I have used many "fragrance free" products that have left a subtle scent on clothes that was difficult for me since I also have a heightened sense of smell. Some of those products left the clothes feeling harsh or faded. THIS product is amazing. It sounds costly but, believe me, it is worth it. One spritz is all you need for a load of clothes, the clothes come out of the dryer softer so there is no need for chemical softener and poisonous dryer sheets. We've used it to shampoo our dog whose hair had been dull from other products. I couldn't be in the house when the dog was being washed with doggie shampoos because of the chemicals. We use this detergent for just about everything. Environmentally sound, wonderful for the clothes, incredible for health issues related to chemicals and harsh cleaning products. We also use the ALTA dish liquid, which we find leaves the dishes clean bright and shiny but I have to admit is probably too expensive for a large family. I am unable to wear gloves to wash dishes and was using Seventh Generation dish liquid but the SLS (SO bad for skin) was harsh on my system. Just because a product says it is unscented doesn't mean it doesn't have harmful chemicals. Give this company a try if your pocketbook permits. You won't be sorry.

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Le Blanc Linen Wash Unscented 64 oz Economy Clean Vintage Precious Heirloom Linens Safely

Le Blanc Linen Wash Unscented 64 oz Economy Clean Vintage Precious Heirloom Linens Safely, OneI highly recommend Le Blanc Linen Wash as I have used it for over 10 years to remove tough to remove stains on shirts, blouses, men's silk ties, tablecloths, sheets and other fabrics. It will remove oily stains, grease, blood, ink and many other tough to remove stains without damaging the fabric. Try it and you will never use another stain remover on your expensive and delicate fabrics. I also use it to wash my high thread count Sferra Italian sheets for superior cleaning without damaging the fabric.

I splurged on expensive French linens for my new bed and I puchased this to care for them. I am very happy with the results. Twice I have woken with blood stains on my white pillow cases and they have completely come out using this wash. It is gentle and yet really gets the linens clean. I'll be a faithful customer. I also like that this is scent-free, as I have allergies and could not tolerate a Lilac smell.

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This product is wonderful! It cleans and protects the linen. It makes ironing easy. I liked it so much..... I purchased a bulk size.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tide Travel Sink Packets, 3-Count

Tide Travel Sink Packets, 3-CountThis is not a good way to use travel detergent; there is too little and it's not concentrated. Instead, buy heavily concentrated liquid detergent (3x), put it in a good container that won't drip, and use only a drop each time. You need to be able to use different amounts according to your needs, and these travel packets, while durable, don't provide that flexibility. These lasted me 4 days (I packed only 30L of gear for 1 month and I exercise so I washed out my stuff every day). My method, with 5 oz. of travel detergent, got me through a month.

Not much to say here, these are the typical tide travel packs... the great smell of tide in a travel friendly size. The biggest negative is that these are liquid, I prefer to have a small amount of powder detergent, and they even make detergent sheets now, which is easier to transport and no worries of leakage. The other negative, and it's not against the product, hence 5 stars... is the price.

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These little tide packets are great for travel if you are doing a vacation where you are moving around to different hotels daily. Works well in sink-a packet good for one item. However, way overpriced. If you are staying in only one hotel for a whole week, you will be much better off bringing a small amount (like 8 ounces) in a bottle to use in your sink. An even better option might be the tide travel packets for one load of laundry-more soap, same price.

Ordered these again for my trip to France. Still overpriced, but I'll apprecitate the conveince when I'm in Europe. However, the product I received does not contain the dollar off Tide coupons clearly listed in the description and on the product packaging. I bought 8 of them to load up on coupons, also, for my at home laundry so I am dissappointed.

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These are great packets for the road warrior. I keep these in my Air Boss bag for extended trips when laundry is required. These are great for the traveler.

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Used these when I went on a long trip to Europe so I could wash some things midway through the trip in lieu of packing too much stuff and my suitcase being too heavy. These were SO worth it ( and think of it you save money instead of paying extra money if your suitcase is over the weight requirement). I just washed my stuff in the sink of the hotel and left it to hang dry. I like the scent too.

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Procter and Gamble 13882 Tide 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent

Procter and Gamble 13882 Tide 2X Liquid Laundry DetergentAccording the the product description, with the price per ounce and ounces per bottle, I should have received 5 bottles per case. Instead, I only received ONE bottle per case I paid for. False advertising. Do not buy!

They have 1-100oz bottle of tide listed for 140.62?? who does this? this company is terrible to deal with. do not buy!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Variance Liquid by Forever New (16 fl oz)

Variance Liquid by Forever NewThis is a terrific washing liquid for delicate clothing. It has no fragrance, which is exactly what I wanted and is hard to find. I have used this both in the sink for hand-washing and also in an HE washing machine. It works well for both. In the sink it dissolves quickly and easily. I have also tried with for everything from cashmere sweaters to delicate underwear items. This works perfectly.

Worth every cent. A little goes a long way. It cleans well without nasty chemicals or fragrances. No protective gloves, goggles or apron needed. It rinses out easily too, leaving hand washables fresh and clean. Simple and effective. Highly recommend!

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Eco Nuts Starter Set: One Trial Size Eco Nuts And One Small Liquid Detergent

Eco Nuts Starter Set: One Trial Size Eco Nuts And One Small Liquid DetergentPrepare to be surprised. I saw this product on Shark Tank, and promptly ordered this introductory set from Amazon. I have used the bag of berries twelve times, so far, and the half teaspoon of liquid three times in a front-loading washer with no other detergent or softener. The loads have included linens, quilts, pet beds, bedspreads, towels, all kinds of clothing, etc. All have come out fresh, clean, and non-staticky.The family member with sensitive skin is not bothered by these berries or liquid. I put the bag in the front of the washer where the water runs down. For the liquid, I add it to 3/4 cup of water, stir, and pour through the detergent dispenser. I was unfamiliar with this product and this review was unsolicited. This is an idea whose time has come.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tide Free and Gentle, Free of Dyes and Perfumes, 50-Ounce

Tide Free and Gentle, Free of Dyes and Perfumes, 50-OunceI bought this laundry detergent because I am allergic to perfumes and my boyfriend is allergic to most laundry detergents and Downy (fabric softener). I use this detergent exclusively now, and it works great! All of our clothes come out clean (without the use of extra detergent).

It's good to point out that because this detergent is free of dyes and perfumes, there is no scent to it, so your clothes come out smelling like.. nothing. If that bothers you, then try putting something into the dryer cycle to add some scent into the clothes that you aren't allergic to.. (ex: i sometimes put hair conditioner on a towel into the dryer and our clothes come out smelling like my conditioner)


I have very sensitive skin and tend to break out with other detergents. I have never broken out with this detergent. It is great for washing my infant daughter's clothes as well and much cheaper than the other infant washes. My daughter's pediatrician told me this is actually better to use for her than other detergents since it is completely free of dyes and perfumes. It washes clothes just as well as other detergents and I have never had any problems with spots or streaks on dark clothes like another user had reported. The price on Amazon is the best I've seen, especially with the subscribe and save discount.

As a side note regarding the size: When you buy the large container that has the spicket, be warned that it has a tendency to leak. I'd recommend buying the smaller size in bulk so that you don't have to deal with a messy detergent leak.

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Me (on phone): "I've got this white [major downeast retailer] shirt, stock number such and so, and I dunno, I really like it but it's getting kinda dingy. Any advice?" Now I have a guilty feeling cuz I know I bought their very nice trekking shirt at Salvation Army. But I don't tell the rep that, besides I've been their very good customer for years and my father before me.

Customer Service Rep: "Oh, I know exactly what you mean, that shirt's from a few years back. I've got one too. And you're not the first to call with this problem. Simple solution, get liquid Tide, wash it with that."

Me, dubious: "Uh... OK, I love Tide, I'll do that. Thanks." But I'm thinking, how can one brand of detergent make a difference? I've been buying the cheaper stuff in recent years.

However I'm willing to follow advice so on the next supermarket trip I buy a large container of Tide Free and Gentle. It is important that it is free of these scents that linger in the clothing and bedding and interfere with my and others' ability to breathe due to allergy/asthma.

I quickly handwash the shirt using the new Tide, flip it out on the line to dry. You guessed it: it is white again, lost the greyishness. Yea!

So now I'm using this Tide in my front-loading Frigidaire washer. You know, the kind of washer that uses low amounts of water. It looks as though the detergent will go a long way because a few tablespoons produce this immense amount of suds. I keep cutting back the amount I put in to less than the cap indicates. The stuff seems really effective. Colors look really bright. I always liked Tide in the olden days but I think I like this newer stuff even better. Cheerio!

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Seems like everyone has a detergent for sensitive skin and I am glad people are catching on! This particular product has no odor but still does its job of cleaning your clothes. Its kind of expensive for its size but I suppose its the price you pay to not break out in hives. In the store it sells for 11.96 and does 46 loads so I ended up going with All sensitive skin for 11.96 which does 96 loads.

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I love this detergent. It cleans clothes thoroughly and even though it isn't scented, it leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean. I love not having the unnecessary extras added to the product.

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