Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shout Stain Remover Liquid Refill-60 oz.

Shout Stain Remover Liquid Refill-60 oz.What can I say? I have always used Shout and will continue to use it as it is the Best Stain Remover out there!!

Great product will use at home and ranch for weekly chores. Would buy again better than expected results obtained from this product.

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Rockin Green Femme Rock Cloth Menstrual Pad Detergent

Rockin Green Femme Rock Cloth Menstrual Pad DetergentIll dare the details but a horrible blood stain on my white bath rug seemed destinies for the trash until this product came into my life. LOVE IT. THIS COMPANY REALLY DOES ROCK

Love rock'n green will buy again! I use this for small female product loads and with a top loader I only use about 1tbs last a long time.

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Takes blood out of my pads. It has a light scent that is just enough to freshen them up. It did however come in a hard mass that I had to break apart.

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I recently started using "momma cloths" and have found that this product works very well. I use cloth mini pads on the last days of my cycle so cannot say how it would work for major stains but have found that it cleans very nicely for my purposes (I soak them in a small plastic container with the product and then handwash). Great healthy, natural product!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Dawn - Power Dissolver Spray - 12.8-Fl. Oz. Bottle

Dawn - Power Dissolver Spray - 12.8-Fl. Oz. BottleThis is has got to be the best products for dissolving and removing baked on or burnt on grease or food.

I recently had to clean the rings that hold the drip pans on my Aunts electric stove. The mess was many layers of heated baked on grease from years of build-up. In less than an hour of soaking under plastic wrap, I was able to wipe off most of the mess. Procter & Gamble 00632 Dawn Power Dissolver

I was introduced to this miracle product by my uncle. Now, there are many many products out there that make outlandish claims to be able to clean miraculously. I will say this -when it comes to baked on carbonified foods (like the muck that winds up on a grill or on your stovetop burners) there is no product out there that I have ever seen come anywhere near close to what this product can do.

My stainless steel grills for my outside grill had 3 years of baked on carbon. I really was considering throwing them away and buying new ones. I couldn't get the carbon off of them. I tried wire brushes, steam, pressure washing, wet towels, dishwasher, etc nothing worked. I brought the grills in and put them on my sink. I sprayed this product on them on both sides. Let them sit for 20 minutes. Came back and used the green side of a kitchen sponge and the carbon wiped away without too much fuss.

I stood AMAZED!

I don't know about the toxicity of this product, I do recommend gloves because this stuff is doing something!

This is the last product I will ever buy to clean my grill and when it comes to my stove, it does equally amazing work.

Buy Dawn - Power Dissolver Spray - 12.8-Fl. Oz. Bottle Now

My first bottle of this i received as a free sample. It's fantastic. I believe the reason it didn't survive in the resale stores was due to the fact that people did not read the directions. You apply this directly to DRY material you want removed the drier, the more backed on, even things left for long periods (like the ceiling inside your microwave) the better. I actually went hunting for this stuff again when my kid destroyed (or so i thought) my favorite pan by burning rice to the non-stick surface, two applications of this no scrubbing my pan is saved and better than ever.

I worked in a sign shop this stuff will take glue off anything, it will take grease off an engine, it will clean aluminum before powder coating like nothing you will ever find.

I cleaned an oven not cleaned in a year in a rental house and it sparkled in two applications. No fumes.

I love this stuff just remember NO WATER first or it wont work at all.

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This product is expensive when compared with most household cleaners, but wow, it packs a punch. I got this at the recommendation of my cleaning lady, who was unable to clean the dried, stained oil burns on the heating element of my gas stove with the normal cleaners I had on hand. I got it and applied it to those stained oil burns, let it sit for 2 hours and it really did the job. This is one of the most powerful household cleaners you can get. Worth the money!

I have to say this product is difficult to find. I searched all the grocery stores in my area and even Walmart & Target and just could not find it anywhere. It may be some of those places were out of stock, but wow, I was stunned by how much trouble I had finding it. So it's worth putting in a good word of praise about Amazon. I'm glad I can find so many otherwise difficult to find products here, whether it is shipped and fulfilled by Amazon or Amazon store operators. I'm not in the habit of turning to Amazon when I can't find something at a nearby store. Retailers churn through their inventory list often and drop low volume items frequently, so it's nice to have this option.

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We rent out our townhouse for part of the year. Our last tenant left the pots and pans with burned on grease and the cooktop had the burned on remnants of what I can only assume were many cooking disasters. Steel wool was no match for this mess so I went to Walmart for a solution and bought this purely on name value. Plain old Dawn works on plenty of things that are not related to cleaning dishes, etc. so I figured this might be the heavy gun needed. I sprayed this on the cooktop and forgot about it for over an hour. I couldn't believe how it dissolved the greasy dried gunk and left the cooktop glistening. Since then I have used this on the gas grill and other messes.

My only gripe with this product is that the local Walmart no longer stocks it and it is hard to find this elsewhere. I'd buy a vat of this if I could.

Greenwill Soap Berries / Soap Nuts -- 2 Pounds w/ Complimentary Wash Bag -- Organic Certified

Greenwill Soap Berries / Soap Nuts -- 2 Pounds w/ Complimentary Wash Bag -- Organic CertifiedI haven't used soap nuts very long...but so far I'm really liking them! Great seller. Prompt communication. Soap nuts seem fresh, and I love that they are whole. I will buy again from this seller and recommend to my friends.

I was looking for a more natural solution for doing laundry and decided to try out soap nuts. These arrived in a timely fashion looked nice and were deseeded. They work great and save money on laundry. My clothes came out looking clean and smelling clean.

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Biokleen - Laundry Liquid Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Extract

BioKleen Laundry Liquid Detergent,Citrus, 64 Standard loads/128 HE loadsIt should be noted that I use the Free & Clear version of this, it is hard to find, but does exist.

I searched long and hard for just the right detergent for my reusable cloth menstrual pads and I found it in this product. Most of the reviews on washing performance for reusable cloth products is on diapers, but much of that applies to pads as well. This product was highly recommended, the regular and free & clear version. They don't lift the color or damage any waterproof linings (like PUL) and it's amazing at removing blood, which is known to be very difficult to remove. No new horrible stains for my liners or clothes. I use cloth pantyliners as well and tend to hand-wash those and my pads and this doesn't dry my hands out the way Woolite does. It is very concentrated just a little fills the sink and washing machine up with suds, but it rinses clean in warm or cold water. I have very sensitive skin and tend to get stains on my clothes because of my part-time job and this product is tough on the stains, but gentle on my skin.

I wish I had bought this sooner, I could have prevented some permanent stains that Woolite, nor All could rid my liners of. Though use of this detergent combined with Bac-Out did lessen those old stains a bit. I'm very happy with this product, it is far superior to the name brand detergents, is biodegradable unlike almost every detergent you will find at the grocery store, no animal testing or environmental damage of other kinds and since it is concentrated it is comparable in price to brands like All and Tide. If you are not comfortable buying online then check your local specialty grocery stores, they may not carry it in the store, but often like one near me, can special order it for you from their warehouse.

All that and a fantastic price!

I've tried a bit of everything in dealing with my chemical sensitivites. Many all natural and free & clear products still have ingredients that provoke respiratory and skin irritation in me.

I can't say how pleased I am with this product. My clothes get so clean, and feel softer than when I used to use fabric softener, with no irritation.

Now that I am cloth diapering, I am even more impressed. I use 1/4 the recommended "dose" of detergent with a load of diapers, and they come out beautifully clean, soft, and fresh-smelling. I'd read that grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibacterial, too. Baby hasn't had even a hint of diaper rash, and my diapers show no sign of needing more serious maintenance like stripping or adding other product to the wash.

Again, the clothd diapers need 1/4 the detergent suggested ... so take that 64 (0r 128 HE) loads and multiply it by 4: I dare you to find a more economical diaper detergent that has as few risks for irritation. (Just make sure you get this exact type, the other has enzymes).

I even use this to clean my shower!

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It works great on mild dirt/stain. However, if there is any heavy stain( like soy sauce, coffee e.t.c...), or oily stain, you might need some treatments with spot cleaner before you toss it in the washer machine.

Most importantly, it's so gentle on human. My husband's legs are not itching anymore.

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You may wonder why I titled my review this way, very clear actually. I LOVE this product. I have a high efficiency washer and I also use cloth diapers. Not only does it clean my diapers better than anything else I have found... AND I use Lanolin for diaper rashes... It also got rid of the stink in my washer. I have a sensitive nose to begin with, and just about everyone in my home has exceptionally sensitive skin, I have to be very careful with what I choose to clean anything with in my home. But when My washer started to get the funky smell that high efficiency washers do, I started getting those cleaning tablets. It kinda took care of the problem.. and that was after three of them. So I was diligent, found some other cleaning agents that were all natural and just kept rinsing several times until I could get it down to a normal smell. This was starting to become a standard maintenance issue I needed to keep on. Well, I changed to this detergent to try just for the diapers, liked it so much that I started using it for all of our laundry, and Everything wonderful happened. Skin irritations went down, diapers were cleaner and didn't have to multiple wash them (and yes, I also have hard water for you well users that are curious), and the funk that would show up on occasion... is completely gone. No... completely. I would know, I have the *bionic nose* in my house. I smell things no one else does.

So if you wonder if its worth it. Yes. Its a good mid range in price, you use so much less its crazy and works so much better. Not to mention the skin sensitivities, and of course the washer no longer having the funk smell. It now smells of ... well, dirt. Not dirty just dirt. I know that sounds odd, but thats what it smells like. If you wonder if I have truely used this product to its full capacity, People, I have five children, and three dogs, and a husband that MIGHT be able to reuse a towel more than once if he's lucky... and have used this product for two months. I swear by this detergent.

Now, if you don't believe in bleach and try to stay away from chemicals completely, and have a hard working smelly man you have to work hard at getting the towel stink out of... or even your diapers for when you strip them... Get a bottle of their bac-out as well. We also had this issue, and instead of waiting through 3-6 washes for those dark towels to smell one hundred percent after your wonderful hard workin man has claimed them... Get a bottle of the bac-out to help you. Naturally it breaks down the bacteria there may be in the towels. I also use this to help strip the diapers Once every several months... but honestly... since I've switched to this product alone, I haven't had to strip the diapers as often, Now the bac-out is primarily for my husbands cloths. :)

I know this review was wordy, but please take it to heart. I don't leave product reviews hardly ever. But this one is definitely worth the time.

Want Biokleen - Laundry Liquid Grapefruit Seed & Orange Peel Extract Discount?

I have sensitive skin and most detergents, like Tide and other name brands, just irritate the heck out of my skin (Tide actually causes welts on me!) I found the Biokleen Liquid Laundry Detergent and think it is the best stuff on the market. It effective cleans and is very gentle on your skin. No irritations at all. The only drawback is that it is increasingly harder to find in stores now. If you buy it, buy it online. The 64 oz. bottle at my local nutritional store sells for $36 and here, it is only $11.50....WOW!

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Caldrea Laundry Detergent 64 oz

Caldrea Laundry Detergent-Ginger Pomelo-64ozI can't beleive I'm spending this much for 64 oz of laundry detergent, but I'll do so gladly again and again! This was given to me as a gift and the scent is so lovely I had to go online and order more. I use it for all my son's clothes, my unmentionables and on occasion our bedsheets for a treat. The stain remover is also great and I will buy that once mine has run out. Do keep in mind that it is a high efficiency detergent for high efficiency machines, so you don't have to use very much for a load.

This is one of the better high-end eco-friendly laundry detergents I've used. I have found it cleans well. Lavendar Pine is a very strong scent that will totally perfume your laundry area but isn't overwhelming once clothes are dried. A touch stronger than regular lavendar with the pine undertone. I just got the Ginger Pomelo and have to say I was a tad bit disappointed only because it doesn't really smell like ginger or pomelo at all, although I did notice a very pleasant smell in the laundry area afterwards. Sweet pea is a very pleasant, slightly sweet floral smell, and probably my favorite as it is subtle but noticeable. I have had the Blue Sage in their general cleaning formula and it is not for me. I'm not sure what it smells like, certainly not sage I am familiar with (sage is a love of mine), but it is very strong; however, my neighbor loved it and I gave it to her. So that will leave me one scent to try I suppose. None of these smells have left an overwhelming scent on my clothes once dried, but they all greatly perfume the laundry area. I feel it leaves my cottons and linens pretty soft also.

Buy Caldrea Laundry Detergent 64 oz Now

The scent of Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli is amazing. It smells like vacation at a luxury beach resort. In fact it smells just like the Four Seasons in Maui. During our honeymoon, my husband loved the scent so much that he asked me where to find it. I searched around everywhere including Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barnnothing was close until I discovered Caldrea's Sea Salt Neroli. I love the scent so much that I wished they made those Home Fragrance Plugins like the ones at Bath and Body Works. The scent from the laundry detergent is quite strong, especially if you hang dry. After they go in the dryer, the scent diffuses a bit. I highly recommend using it on sheetsto refresh during the week I use the Linen Spray (which by the way lasts a really long time). I keep my master bedroom like a hotel roomno clutter, bed always made and I wash the sheets with Sea Salt Neroli. After a long day of work for my husband and chores for me, there is nothing like falling to sleep on clean sheets that smell like heaven!

The only drawback that I noticed (4 stars instead of 5) is because the detergent does not preserve dark color clothing. I've used it for a many months on dark clothing and noticed some fading. It also does not remove stains as well.

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It is $4 dollars more expensive here than at the online drugstore plus, shipping here was going to be $7... Forget it, great product but, I'll get it elsewhere!

Want Caldrea Laundry Detergent 64 oz Discount?

I couldn't disagree with the previous reviewer. I love Caldrea's Sweet Pea laundry detergent. It's designed to be used for baby and children's items, and always leaves my baby's clothes and bedding clean and smelling fresh with a very lightly sweet scent. I find comfort in knowing that the ingredients are all natural and safe for baby. Some dark or bright stains require further attention than just a throw in the wash, but otherwise I've been very happy with this product.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

1 Bottle of Soilove and 1 Bottle of Coolove Cool and Warm Water Wash

1 Bottle of Soilove and 1 Bottle of Coolove Cool and Warm Water WashNothing has ever worked like this. This product got out direct hair color tint from a white shirt that had already been washed and dried! Highly recommend it. The cold water wash I wish came in a much bigger container.

I love this product. However it is sold for .99 in stores in California, I am on the other side of the US or else I would have bought it in the store. I paid way way too much. But I love the product so much I made the sacrifice.

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