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Charmin Ultra Soft, Mega Rolls, 6 Count Packs (Pack of 3) 18 Total Rolls

Charmin Ultra Soft, Mega Rolls, 6 Count Packs 18 Total RollsThe box I received contained three packs of six rolls. Each pack had "Charmin Ultra Soft (Ultra Suave) Mega Roll" printed in plain navy blue, no other graphics or colors. It looks very generic, almost like something you would see in a hospital or a school. That would have been fine, however, the rolls are definitely not the same as what you would get in the retail packaging shown. I've purchased Ultra Soft Mega Rolls literally hundreds of times, and what I received was definitely not as thick or strong as it is supposed to be.

I buy only charmin tp and when this was marked down to $19 with free shipping I figured what the heck, it's the same tp I buy at target or wal-mart. It was packaged 3 packs of 6 rolls and were all in a cardboard box, so they survived shipping and I have no complaints there. But, this isn't the same charmin you buy at target or wal-mart. It's no where near as nice, thick, or good quality. It seems like double ply industrial tp you'd find in a "nice" public restroom. I can't believe there would be knock-off toilet paper, but it's not the same quality as you buy in the store. I'll buy my tp in the store from now on, if it wasn't reasonably priced and too much trouble to return I'd send it back. I would never, ever pay the $30 regular price for this and now I know I won't pay the discounted price either. Gave it 2 stars instead of one star because 1) it's toilet paper and it does the job, and 2) it arrived in good condition.

Buy Charmin Ultra Soft, Mega Rolls, 6 Count Packs (Pack of 3) 18 Total Rolls Now

One wonders if some of these folks are dissappointed about the print on the plastic wrap around the toilet if that is what they wipe themselves with...... So when packaged in bulk, companies use the most basic package and print as possible. There is no difference in the quality of the item. It doesn't matter how it is wrapped, it is the item inside.............sheesh....

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I am not sure how to write a description for toilet paper. This product is as it claims.

It is very soft and so large it barely fits in the dispenser.

Want Charmin Ultra Soft, Mega Rolls, 6 Count Packs (Pack of 3) 18 Total Rolls Discount?

I only but Charmin paper goods. When I saw this deal for Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Rolls to be delivered to my house through Amazon, what could I say but bring it on. I was very happy to receive 18 rolls of Charmin that I didn't have to go to the store for & then cart it home. Shopping on line is the best!!!!

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OxiClean 2 in 1 Stain Fighter, Fresh Scent, 45 Ounce

OxiClean 2 in 1 Stain Fighter, Fresh Scent, 45 OunceOxiClean is greatest thing for your laundry. I use it in every load so stains are a thing of the past. I like the liquid kind the best

Use ir and you will not be sorry.

A laundry booster is just that. It boosts the outcome of our efforts and makes us feels as if we did a super job. OxiClean has a lot to do with that outcome. A laundry product has to clean and make me feel as if I did a great job for my family. This one does just that and it has secured a full time slot on the laundry list of products to buy, use and store in a handy place. But it not only cleans well it has a pleasant scent that adds to the value. The scent is not overwhelming nor underwhelming. It's just right for our household.

Buy OxiClean 2 in 1 Stain Fighter, Fresh Scent, 45 Ounce Now

I use the spray version to pretreat, then use this in the wash.. it removes even stubborn stains. Highly recommended.

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I purchase this from Amazon because many times my store is out of stock... I KNOW that I CAN GET IT from AMAZON...It is a basic that I use in place of bleach for most all my household chores, laundry and house cleaning. It is a staple in my home. Thanks Amazon for keeping me in stock of this product.

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Cheer Powder Detergent Fresh Clean Scent, 80 Loads, 113-Ounce(Packaging May Vary)

Cheer Powder Detergent Fresh Clean Scent, 80 Loads, 113-Ounce(Packaging May Vary)With two kids and four cats, I do a lot of laundry. I'm pretty picky about the detergents I use... they have to be able to cope with our country well water, and they can't have too heavy of a scent or cause my daughter's sensitive skin to break out. For years now, I've been a devoted user of All Free & Clear liquid, so I was surprised to find just how much I liked this Cheer powdered detergent. The powder was so less messy than the liquid I'm used to using, and dissolved into the wash water and rinsed clean without any problems. The scent was actually wonderful enough to make me feel that the laundry smelled really clean but not at all reeking of perfume as I'd expected.

In my experience, Amazon Grocery prices vary greatly from item to item... I've found wonderful savings on some things and head-shakingly high prices on others. I found this exact same box of Cheer at the local grocery for shockingly less than Amazon is currently charging, so I certainly won't be stocking up here and now, regardless of the convenience. But I'll be sure to keep my eye out for a better deal in days to come!

I have used Cheer and Tide for years and like them equally well. They are my "go to" detergents for clean, fresh smelling clothes. I personally prefer the powder version over the liquid because it is easier to clean up a powder spill than it is a liquid spill. I used to think that the detergent I used determined how clean my clothes got. That was until 3 months ago, when my old "agitator" top-load washer died, and I purchased a new HE front-load washer. After using my new HE washer, I've discovered that the washer is about an 80% factor and the detergent a 20% factor in determining how clean my clothes actually get.

This particular detergent is for non-HE washers. And, I do NOT recommend using this non-HE version in an HE washer as it can void the warranty. I have used this Cheer, as well as Cheer for HE washers and like them both equally. I think Cheer gets clothes clean, minimizes fading and smells nice (without being overpowering). I do have to say that the clothes I wash are never very dirty and I do always use non-chlorine bleach for colors and regular bleach for whites. I also do not dry my permanent press clothing in the dryer. I hang them inside to dry.

I also like Tide (regular scent) and Tide w/Downy. They get my clothes clean, minimize fading and smell nice. I do not particularly like Tide w/bleach or any other Tide scents because I do not like the smell of those scents. Unfortunately, finding Tide for HE washers is a little bit more difficult than finding Cheer for HE washers (at least where I live). I think Tide does an equally great job of cleaning clothes. I generally alternate between Cheer and Tide.

I also tried Gain. Again, it got the clothes clean, but I found the scent to be a little too overpowering for my tastes.

In the end, I think SCENT of the detergent (along with cost) determines which detergent I buy. Cheer, Tide and Gain all cleaned my clothes (normal soil level) equally well (when used in conjunction with non-cholorine bleach, bleach and/or stain remover). The washer, though, was the ultimate determinator of how clean my clothes got. I especially noticed a difference when I moved from a non-HE, old "agitator" top-loading washer to a new HE non-agitating front-loading machine. The HE machine does a MUCH better job of cleaning the clothes.

Buy Cheer Powder Detergent Fresh Clean Scent, 80 Loads, 113-Ounce(Packaging May Vary) Now

I usually use health store brands of laundry detergent because I don't like heavy fragrances or phosphates, etc., but I was pleasantly surprised with Cheer. The fragrance is light enough it doesn't bother me, the detergent does not contain phosphates and the box is made from recycled materials. The clothes came out clean. I am very satisfied with this product.

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Cheer makes our clothes smell wonderful and come out as clean as they possibly can. Even the whites are brighter than they used to be. Clean clothes and a fresh smell, about all you could possibly ask for!

Want Cheer Powder Detergent Fresh Clean Scent, 80 Loads, 113-Ounce(Packaging May Vary) Discount?

Cheer is an old name in the laundry detergent business. Yet here they are, in the 21st century. Does their product hold up?

I will confess that my wife does most of the laundry. I do do my work clothes, though. These get dirty from various home construction projects such as putting in sprinklers and taking out fences. So my clothes get pretty dirty.

Cheer has a nice, cheerful scent (sorry) that makes opening the box pleasant. Like most of the detergents these days, it is in a concentrated formula that claims to give you just as good of cleaning power, but using less of the product.

I will attest that my work clothes come out looking clean and bright. And the scent was clean and fresh when putting into the dryer. I'm satisfied with this product, and I like the fact that these boxes get smaller and smaller, yet can clean 80 loads.

Tide With Touch Of Downy April Fresh Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent 50 Fl Oz

Tide With Touch Of Downy April Fresh Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent 50 Fl OzTide with Downy is the detergent I turn to when I need deep cleaning through modern chemistry. When clothes need cleaning from contact with everyday body perspiration and odors, we prefer and use a more allergen free product (See my Amazon review: Biokleen Free & Clear Laundry Liquid). My wife is sensitive to sulfates and heavy chemicals. But when I need a deep cleaning from stains and grime, we turn here.

Our dog Puck likes our large white and pale yellow bath mats because they are soft and feel good. The mats have become a pleasure stop for her. After she plays outside, she manages to get red mud deep inside the fibers slowly turning it a dingy, brown grey color. The mats need a delicate wash cycle but deep cleaning. Tide with Downy detergent gets the job done. We are happy and she thinks we've cleaned and softened it for her, which maybe a problem because back she goes. So long as this Tide product removes the dirt and grime she brings in, we'll give Puck her small indulgence.

A small scoop removes most stains and the touch of Downy powder provides just enough softness without heavy scent or feel. It contains the oxygen bleach found separately in other stain removing products. It also contains an agent that purports to reduce pilling and maintain color, another to adjust the pH wash level, and an agent to remove water hardness, and lots of sulfates for deep cleaning and stain removal. What this means to me is, Ultra Tide plus Downy should not cause premature wear. And it means that Tide plus Downy is good for cleaning with our hard water.

For those with new families, I would use Ultra Tide plus Downy to clean cloth diapers and household fabrics; and perhaps if you wish, find a less chemically aggressive product that you like, to clean baby's clothes and bedding. For us, we like clean and this liquid detergent delivers when needed. Troll guano, bring it on!

Tide really does a great job in my clothes washing machine! I like that it's got a portable handle so that I can carry it from the closet where I keep it to my clothes washer; and of course it cleans everything extremely well. The Downy scent is not bad at all--I rather like it. The Downy is there primarily, of course, to soften my clothing and I really like that as I can get itchy skin especially in the winter, spring and fall.

Proctor & Gamble may claim that this detergent has a "new 2 times compaction" feature--but I like my laundry super clean--and very soft--so I still add two cupfuls of this detergent to my wash anyway. I use the blue cap as a cup so that I can measure out how much soap I'm using.

While I love the "April Fresh" scent, this may not be such a wonderful thing for some of us. If you are allergic to scents or perfumes I would definitely encourage you to look elsewhere for good quality laundry detergent. This product won't be helpful for some people; and I'm going to take off one star for that drawback.

If you use this within a reasonable amount of time (no more than a few months after you purchase it) you'll get the full effect of Tide plus the liquid fabric softener that's included in it. I highly recommend this product--it's one of the best liquid laundry detergents out there!

Buy Tide With Touch Of Downy April Fresh Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent 50 Fl Oz Now

Tide with Downy in it is my favorite laundry detergent and always has been! I've tried other detergents and NOTHING beats tide! Recently I was unable to get out to the store when I ran out ordered it convenient it was to have it delivered to my home!!!! I was very happy!

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I've always bought tide but never tide with downy and I love it!! The smell is great and it cleans clothes well too

Want Tide With Touch Of Downy April Fresh Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent 50 Fl Oz Discount?

This was an unbelievably hot deal for Tide. Always washes clean! I am never disappointed with my laundry when I use Tide.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Charlie's Soap Liquid Laundry Detergent - 16.9 oz (16 Loads)

Charlie's Soap Liquid Laundry Detergent - 16.9 ozPersonally I am not a very GREEN person nor do I live a GREEN lifestyle. I am a forty one year old family man that likes trucks, the outdoors, and attacking my BBQ on the weekends. Sorry, but I have to have a great steak to grill on the weekend. What can I tell you... I do not fit the bill as a eco friendly anything. I purchased Charlie's Soap because I bought silk sheets for my wedding anniversary. The manufacture recommended Charlie's Soap as really the only soap they recommend you should use with the sheets. So I gave it shot. I was actually thinking about how I was going to have to purchase this special soap just to wash the sheets. I have to say I am a believer in this soap. It has done everything that the manufacture said it would. My family has actually switch brands and purchased the powder 5 pound bucket of the stuff. So I guess you get my Wife's approval on Charlie's Soap also. Because everybody knows the household uses the soap that the Wife likes...and that is that. This soap does a great job on my dirty greasy work around the house clothes.... let's just say one of my hobbies is restoring an old 1977 Chevy Blazer. Sometimes my arms get so covered in grease that they are jet black. So my clothes get pretty dirty also. I was totally amazed on how clean my clothes came out of the wash. Never got that clean with one wash of TIDE. As for the anything in the wash actually coming out softer than when my Wife used Tide and Downey Fabric softener. I have to say we just use Charlie's Soap now and no fabric softener. ALL FROM ONE TABLE SPOON OF DETERGENT!!! Again I really do not care if this soap is better for the environment. I just care if it works. You can scorn me all you want, but I am tired of trying things that are friendly to the environment and not actually working all that well. I will give a eco friendly product a try for time to time if just simply out of curiosity. You know the deal with eco friendly stuff.. how great it will clean and how safe it is. Most of the time the product ends up in the trash as a waste of my money. I do not want to be cleaning something 2-3 times to get the same effect as using my regular product. This is not the case with Charlie's Soap. Also we have cut our laundry soap cost by over 50% and are saving even more by not buying additives such as fabric or water softeners. Now that's something I can really care about. Now my Sister is all about saving the planet and going green. I have actually turned her onto this soap. She loves it too. At least it's worth a try to get a small size of Charlie's Soap and see if it works for you. Note that you might have to wash your clothes two times to get all your old TIDE type soap put of your clothes. Once the old soap is out, then your clothes will start feeling softer. I figured out my price savings based on the price of a 5 pound bucket of Charile's soap that does 1280 loads compared to what I would have to pay with TIDE laundry soap (purchased at Walmart) to get the same amount of loads. I did not even add in the costs of fabric softener or Calgon water softener additives. The price savings for me using Charlie's soap over Tide was just under $140. Add in the cost of the additives and I would safety guess my family is saving at least $200. Another thing is that we have a two year old and a new born (two week old). We no longer have to purchase baby laundry soap as Charlie's soap fits that bill too!!!! If you are not sure if you'll like it. Do what I did and start out with a small liquid bottle of Charlie's Soap. If you do not like it, then at least you are not out anything major. Though it may just convert you like it has me. Remember to give the soap a chance... it will have to wash out all your old TIDE style soap for your clothes to feel softer without fabric softener.... though your clothes will be cleaner for the start. Another side point.. Charlie's Soap works so well that even all the old TIDE soap residue that was on the viewing window on our washer was cleaned away. Another thing... I leave very few product reviews on Amazon. I only do it if I really hate a product.... or if I really, really like it. That being said... I really, really like Charile's Soap.

My mother gave me some of hers to try and I loved it so much, I've been purchasing my own for two years now. There really isn't any better detergent out there. It's gentle on the environment, free of fragrance and harsh chemicals, and really gets my clothes clean. I tried Tide Free and All Free and Clear, and neither of those left my clothes my clothes really clean. Rather than needing scented laundry detergent so my clothes smell "clean", I use this and there is a complete lack of smell; not clean or dirty, nothing--like it should be. Oh, and it's very gentle on my clothes. Tide was tearing my clothes up before. I will never use anything else.

Oh, and they really are a small company. My Mom buys it locally in Mayodan, NC.

Buy Charlie's Soap Liquid Laundry Detergent - 16.9 oz (16 Loads) Now

This laundry soap really works! I have sensitive skin so I try to stay away from harsh detergents. I also try to purchase products with less environmental impact. Some of our clothes had "oil" spots from food that had been there for several washings. The first time I washed them with this laundry soap, they came out! This is wonderful for kids clothing because they are always getting so dirty. Check out the history of the company. I did some reading and I found it refreshing that the product was developed and currently sold by a family. It's nice to help small businesses succeed; especially when they are making such a high-quality product. I loved this product so much I shared it with my students and we read about the history of the company in an Entrepreneurship Class. Of course, the high school students think I'm a bit crazy when I do stuff like this, but it's great to show them how you can turn an idea into a successful business.

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Great for cloth diapers! Gets them smelling clean every time. I still have to sun occasionally, but does a great job overall.

Want Charlie's Soap Liquid Laundry Detergent - 16.9 oz (16 Loads) Discount?

I liked the Charlie's laundry powder so well that I decided to try their other two products, too--the all-purpose cleaner and the laundry liquid. I started using Charlie's laundry powder after reading many favorable reviews about it, first in my old top loader and then in my new HE front loader. The laundry liquid is just as good. All three products are excellent and actually do what they claim to do! I would recommend all three to anyone. They are non-toxic, coconut-based detergents that are biodegradeable and made by a small family-owned company here in the US. They have no additives and do not leave any residues in clothes or in the washer. Buildup of residues can be the cause of odor problems in HE front loaders.

I have used about half of the bottle of laundry liquid for entire loads, and have also used it a few times as a stain pre-treater. It works very well, and so far I can't tell any difference in results between it and the Charlie's laundry powder, which I have used for several months. Both of these laundry detergents will pull old suds and other residues from your clothes first, so it takes several washes of each item before you get a true picture of what they can do. They both dissolve easily, rinse well, and leave clothes soft and very clean once all the old residues are gone. Fabric softeners are not recommended or needed, but stain treatments and bleach are OK to use with them if desired. I usually use only the Charlie's with excellent results. I don't ever intend to go back to my old detergents! Charlie's leaves no scent and the clothes just smell very clean. It's amazing how much softer towels and jeans are after several washes with this detergent, although they took more washes to get rid of the old suds than lighter items did. Charlie's is recommended for cloth diapers, baby clothes, and for sensitive skin. As is also true of regular detergents, it is not a disinfectant. It works great in regular machines as well as in HE washers.

I could use the laundry liquid from now on and be happy, but I like the Charlie's laundry powder even better, only because it is so compact, easier and less messy to measure, and cheaper to use. One bag of the powder will do 80 loads, but the 16.9 oz. bottle of liquid will only do about 16 loads for approximately the same cost. I'm rating it 5 stars because it works so well and has so many desirable qualities. Use one tablespoon scoop of the powder, or two tablespoons (1 fl. oz.) of the liquid for most loads. An advantage of the liquid is that it can double as a stain pre-treater. It is also offered in a medium-sized container, a gallon which does 128 loads. The powder only comes in an 80-load size cloth bag or recyclable jar, and a huge 5-gallon bucket size which does over a thousand loads. Both are excellent products, really just personal preference for a powder or a liquid. The Charlie's all-purpose cleaner is also a good pre-treater as well as for general cleaning.

You can find the ingredients for all three products and more technical info than you probably need on the site. There is also detailed info for using it in hard water, on cloth diapers, for allergies, etc. Their customer service is great, and if you email a question or comment you'll get a quick response. I am hooked on these products.

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Batten Industries Inc NLS-50 Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda, 50 Load

Batten Industries Inc NLS-50 Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda, 50 LoadI wish I would not have spent a hard earned 20.00 on this. It says All-Natural on the box, but look at the ingredients and they are: all natural laundry soda (i assume they mean sodium carbonate), sodium silicate and COCONUT OIL BASED DETERGENT. I have found that when the words "based detergent" are used it is a synthetic chemical of some sort. If it were to say "coconut oil soap", it would make me less wary of what is in it. I have e-mailed them and they won't say exactly what chemical it is. Thier MSDS sheet says proprietary ingredients so it is a secret I can live without. A complete waste of money if you want to be sure it is All-Natural, I sure wouldn't take their word for it. This is a very misleading product.

I have used this for about the past year. Whites are cleaner no dingy residue. Colors are great. Combine with the dryer balls for really fluffy soft clothes. I have very sensitive skin and have never had a problem with this laundry soda.

Buy Batten Industries Inc NLS-50 Nellie's All Natural Laundry Soda, 50 Load Now

I have started to use this in place of Borax and I like it much better. The overall cost is cheaper as the equivalent boxes of Borax to one box of Nellie's is huge. I use it as an laundry additive in conjunction with Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent.

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I love this product. A little goes a long way. I have very sensative skin, and I haven't had any problems with Nellie's Laundry Soda.

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PANTENE Ice Shine Conditioner, 25.4 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2)

PANTENE Ice Shine Conditioner, 25.4 Fluid OunceI have very fine hair, yet i have a lot of it. This conditioner does the job of detangling and helping to limit static, yet without weighing down my hair and making it feel greasy. I have used it for years, and am a repeat buyer many times.

This is a great conditioner.. I have fine hair, not too thick and it gives a nice

shine and texture to my hair. Pantene used to make a similar Texturize conditioner which worked well too. This product doesn't make my hair feel greasy either. I love the Care Supreme conditioner that comes with the Loreal hair tints but can't find them by themselves, these conditioners have Ceramidie (sp?) and you only need a dab to untangle your hair but the Pantene is the next best thing.

Buy PANTENE Ice Shine Conditioner, 25.4 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2) Now

it detangles hair pretty well as use it for that purpose almost exclusively. however it does weight down the hair compared to some of the light conditioner. on the plus side, it's reasonably priced through Amazon, smells nice, detangles hair and washes out with a clean feeling. On the negative side, it does bring the volume down just a bit.

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We had to give our White Maltese Dog, Matty, a Puppy Cut because his fur would become Knotted and tangled when we used Dog Shampoo. I bought Pantene Ice for my self but it was too heavy, shiny and limp. So I tried it on Matty, His fur was silky & shiny just like a Show Dog, and he brushed out tangle free.

Conditioner, 25.4 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2).

Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine (Ultime Brillance) Shampoo, LARGE 22.8 Oz.

Now we only trim his feet, legs and belly, the rest of him just Glows and Flows. I use the Pantene Ice Shampoo and Conditioner on Matty, and Dog Shampoo on our Yorkie. You can't buy Ice Shine Conditioner and Shampoo in the Stores anymore and Pantene says they discontinued it, that was several years ago, but I can still buy it on line at Amazon. Burrs and Stickers and Pine Needles comb right out without Pulling out or cutting the fur. Highly Reccommend for Dogs with Tangled fur Issues.

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