Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dreft Liquid HE - 100 oz Bottle

Dreft Liquid HE - 100 oz BottleI assumed from the description that it was a 2 pack of 100 oz bottles. The bottle in the picture is a 100oz bottle. I received 2x 50 oz bottles.

I was so glad to find this product on here. I had been looking everywhere for it and could not find HE dreft anywhere. I was beginning to get nervous. For any othe mommies out there in need of HE dreft I have finally noticed Babies-R-Us is carrying it. I will tell you it is more costly there though. Hope it helps!

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Dreft works great in my new HE washer. Does a great job cleaning baby's dirty clothes. Would buy again. Works Best if u per-soak.

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Tide Pods Detergent, Spring Meadow, 51-Ounce, 57-Count

Tide Pods Detergent, Spring Meadow, 51-Ounce, 57-CountUm, these smell fantastic. Try these. And, I'm noticing that my clothes are absolutely clean as can be. Very seldom do I need to include two pods one does the trick. Also, we don't have hot water for our laundry (long story, we live in Mexico) and these dissolve just fine in cold water.

When I first tried the Tide Pods Spring Meadow Scent, I wasn't sure they were going to clean as well as my regular Tide and color-safe bleach. But, I was wrong!! Twenty loads later and I love these pods. I think they actually cleaned my clothes better. They are really easy to use ... just throw 1 (or 2, for really dirty clothes) into your HE washer drum (it's important to do this FIRST), add the clothes, shut the door, turn the machine on and you're done.

I really liked not having to measure/pour liquid (or powder) detergent and color-safe bleach into the HE top drawer. I didn't have any problems with the pods dissolving in hot, warm or cold water or with big or small loads. I don't know that I would describe the scent as Spring Meadow, but I really like it. The scent is a little stronger (more fragrant) than the Tide w/Downey scent and the smell definitely lingers/last longer. The pods got all of my clothes clean (towels, light and dark-colored clothing). The pods worked equally well on small and large loads (was enough to clean large loads, but not too much for small loads). The pods even have a booster to help get stains out. My first impression on the cost was that the pods were too expensive, but the pods not only contain detergent, but also a stain booster. So, if I look at it on a PER LOAD basis, it really isn't anymore expensive than my detergent and color-safe bleach.

I am sold on these pods!! In fact, I liked them so much that before I finished the 40-count bag, I went out and bought the larger 72-tub at Wal-mart. The 77-pack cost $17.97 (to give you an idea of what they are selling for at other places). While I was shopping, I also smelled the other scents. I personally think the Spring Meadow smells the best out of the three. Also, the larger counts (57+ count) come in a flip-top plastic tub, not a resealable bag (like the 40 count and under).

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freq Water Mighty Wash Gallon

Freq Water Mighty Wash GallonI used other organic type products to rid the houseplants of thrips and mites ...they slowed them but did not relieve the problem. Mighty wash took care of it completely in no time at all..I highly recommend it as the best resolution for house plants. No unpleasant after odors, either.

Works very well for indoor gardening and its non toxic and safe for flowers. Kills gnats spider mites and other pests.

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good product it doesn't illiminate the pests but it keeps the population at a manageable level.buying in larger quantities is recommended for value.

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Ultra Laundry Powder Detergent

Ultra Laundry Powder DetergentWe use a lot of this product and were delighted to find it at this price with no additional shipping cost. It arrived in good condition, ready to go on the shelf! Hope the prices and shipping options stay the same.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Travelon TSA Carry-on Compliant LAUNDRY SOAP-50 Sheets

Travelon TSA Carry-on Compliant LAUNDRY SOAP-50 SheetsThe item resulted in suds; however it was impossible to remove just one at a time. I your hands were slightly wet, the sheets dissolved instantly. If one is in an emergency situation this will work. This should not be your first choice.

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Tide Plus Bleach He Original Scent Powder Laundry Detergent 53 Loads 95 Oz

Tide Plus Bleach He Original Scent Powder Laundry Detergent 53 Loads 95 OzJust a good, whitening detergent that leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean. Will continue to purchase from Amazon because I can't find it in stores. My old washer requires this old detergent, it doesn't do with "he". My washer is going strong, much better quality than new "he" ones, so why change?

We usually use 7th Generation laudry soap but it was ineffective on removing a funky onion odor my towells picked up. Based on it's high rating from Consumer Reports, I decided to give this a shot. It's not available locally for some reason so I ordered it from this seller based on price. Got it quickly and it removed the odor from those towells. I don't have to buy new towells, yeaaay!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

J.R. Watkins Sink Set 2pc

J.R. Watkins  Sink Set with Caddy, Aloe & Green Tea, 1.75 pounds PackageI purchased this because I liked the scent of the Aloe and Green Tea Hand Soap. What was I thinking to assume that the lotion would smell like the soap....??? Not.. Dare I say the lotion stinks... I will not purchase the set again, only the hand soap..

I really ordered this for the caddy to set on the kitchen counter. The caddy is really cheap and does not sit evenly. I already had the lotion and soap in the kitchen and in all the bathrooms. This is a really great brand of soap and lotion. I like all the different kinds, lemon, lavendar, orange. Just do not expect too much re the caddy.

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This set will fit perfectly in the guest bathroom of our home. The scent is light enough for various guests. A bit pricey though for the size...gggrrr...

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This powerhouse tandem soap & handlotion will blow your mind, and your senses. It's not overpowering in any way. The soap is a mild soap, so there's no drying of the skin no matter how many times a day you use it. When followed by the lotion, your hands become soft, and smell like lemon cookies, good enough to EAT! I've used many a soap/lotion combination, but none do what this combo does. The black metal caddy makes it look at home at any sink of your house. The only changes i would make would to be pack the soap a little better. It needs to stand up in the box, not lay down in it. I realize that is nearly impossible to keep the box in the right position during transit, but the right type of box would prevent the mess.

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I have used J. R. lemon hand soap and Lotion for years, my daughter just receintly asked for some for her birthday, I have sold this product to many just by using it myself, great product and price.

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